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Bevel Gear Box


HCP Pump

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The efficiency of HCP the bevel gear is more superior than a conventional worm gear as the bevel gear can substantially reduce motor amperage by 25% as well as input power by 33%, and thus become the perfect choice to couple with our new generation of paddlewheel aerators. It will save energy and your electricity bill.

HCP Bevel Gear's ratio is tweaked to 14:1, the reasonable ratio for best performance.

The surface of the arc gear is treated with carbonitriding to boost its hardness to HRC 55-60 in order to fortify its wear-resistant capability and extend its life time.

The thickness of the housing;s coating is more than 100 µm, forming superior anti-rust protection.


  Model Ratio Shaft height Fixing Point Fixing Point Fixing Point Full Load Capability Lubricant Weight
  ( H ) ( E ) ( F ) ( G ) Width ( A ) Length ( B )  Heigh ( C ) liter L kg ( lb )
50 Hz B14A 14:01 111.5 165 230 130 268 300 224.5 2.3 21 (46)
60 Hz B17A 17:01 111.5 165 220-230 122-130 268 300 224.5 2.3 21 (46)

Product dimension

Around 21 Kg


- Reduce the amperage by 25%

- Improve the motor performance with the reasonable ratio 14:1

- The thickness of the High-Solids Epoxy Coating up to 100 µm


1 Unit

Product Application

- Changing the horizontal spin coming from the motor into a transverse round is then forwarded to the Paddlewheel that causes the Paddlewheel rotate.

- Reduced rotation coming from the motor.

Expiration date

No expiration time