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The presence of moss (filamentous algae) in the pond wall causes the pond wall looks dirty, because this moss traps dirt such as mud particles, dead plankton and suspended solids. As a result protozoa (Zoothamnium, Epistylis) will nest conveniently in the pond wall. While the condition of shrimp on ponds - moss walls are mossy and dirty, especially in the abdomen (stomach) and swimming legs. When protozoa that reside in between - moss to enter into the gills will cause shrimp and metabolic respiration activities will be disrupted, which causes shrimp appetite decreased. When that happens, growth will be hampered and the shrimp become rotten.

Content: Copper Sulphate 25%

Product dimension

25 Kg per P.P Woven Bag


- Water sterilization at the beginning of cultivation. Use it for 24 hours after water enters the pond

- Kill moss and snail seeds


4 Bags @ 25 Kg

Product Application


1.5 - 2 ppm



- Dissolve 1 Kg of Copper Sulfate in air as much as 10 Liter until evenly distributed.

- Let stand until the sediment is formed at the bottom of the dissolution medium.

- Grab and disperse the Copper Sulfate solution to the pond area (do not let any sediments get carried away).

Expiration date

3 Years after the manufacturing date