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HCP Pump

Country of Origin



Our high-efficiency paddlewheel motor is made of TaYa copper wire. By adopting the automatic coil reeler, rotor positioning instrument, and following uncompromised processing and inspection procedures, the consistent quality, longevity, lower amperage and power consumption of the motor are ensured.

Standardized and high-precission motor deisgn, whose excellent insulation is achieved by 8 hours of impregnation in varnish and dehydration in industrial ovens.

Fan cover and wiring box are made of SUS304, a material with efficient heat dissipation, corrosion resistant, durable, and immune to deterioration by exposure to sunshine.

The motor is coated with thick High-Solids Epoxy Coating with dry film thickness up to 100 µm and above (the thickness of ordinary paint is 30 - 50 µm). No matter the motor is utilized in sea water or fresh water aquaculture, the coating can effectively prevent the cast iron housing from corrosion, offer the best anti-rust protection on motor's surface and thus extend its life time considerably.

  Model Power Phase RPM Frame No. Type Full Load Capability Weight
  Hp (kW) Ø Torque kg-m Efficiency % Power factor % kg (lb)
50 Hz MP 4.8 1 (0.75) 3 1440 90 L AEVF 0.43 77.4 84.8 24 (53)
MP 41.5 2 (1.5) 3 1400 90 L AEVF 0.87 76.7 87.3 25 (55)
60 Hz MP 4.8 1 (0.75) 3 1720 90 L AEVF 0.51 77.2 81.8 24 (53)
MP 41.5 2 (1.5) 3 1700 90 L AEVF 1.04 77.0 83.3 25 (55)

Product dimension

Around 24 Kg


- Lower Amperage

- Long life time

- The fan cover is made of Stainless Steel SUS304

- Coated by High-Solids Epoxy Coating with thickness up to 100 μm


1 Unit

Product Application

As the motor of HCP Paddlewheel aerator

Expiration date

No expiration time