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ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Profenofos 500 gr / L + Lufenuron 100 gr / L

PROFURON® wide-spectrum insecticides, highly effective in killing wild fish including wild shrimp, cork, crabs, snails and other types of fish.

Product dimension

5 Liter per Jerrycan


As a controller of the vector / carrier virus that causes "white spot disease" on the shrimp culture, among others: crabs, wild shrimp or water biota carrying viral disease carried along with the entry of sea water that will be used in shrimp farming.


4 Jerrycan @ 5 Liter

Product Application

DOSAGE: 1 - 2 ppm (10 - 20 Liter / Hectare)


Combine 10 liters of PROFURON® into 100 liters of water and stir until blended

Spread the PROFURON® solution to the whole pond (pond) aquaculture evenly

Light the wheels for ± 3 hours after spreading, to flatten the PROFURON® solution

The application of plankton fertilizer is 5-7 days after the application of PROFURON®

The PROFURON® application was complained in the afternoon and was done against the wind

At the time of application PROFURON® must use safety equipment (safety equipment) such as masks and gloves



Perform fry stocking ± 10-14 days after application of PROFURON® or when zooplankton and phytoplankton have been formed in equal quantities, and PROFURON® toxicity in the waters is already at safe limits.

Expiration date

3 Years after the manufacturing date